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Please carefully read all information on this page to ensure you understand our terms and conditions.


Pole Place operates a strict cancellation policy, whereby if you cancel or reschedule any session without at least 48 hours notice, you will be charged 100% of your session fee. Members on a membership and members with credit packs will lose their class credit for that session. This cancellation policy is in place as a consideration to all Pole Place clients and instructors.


- We operate a no refunds policy - no refunds are issued at any time.

- We will not teach anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

- Practise sessions are unsupervised and untutored and are solely for the purpose of self practise. You should have your own insurance if you wish to practise in any of our studios to ensure you are covered in all cases.

- If you are currently pregnant or have recently given birth, you should consult your doctor prior to attending any classes with us for clearance.

- We have a zero tolerance policy against bullying of any kind, to instructors or to other clients at Pole Place and we reserve the right to refuse service.


1. Who We Are

We are Pole Place Limited and Pole Place Horsham Limited, a Pole Dancing & Fitness school offering Pole Dancing & Fitness services in the UK.

2. Data Collected & How We Use It

For you to participate in activities within our schools, we require some personal information from you, so we are able to:

- keep in contact with you

- contact your emergency contact in case of emergency

We collect this information using an online form on our website, via our website provider Wix, which is then stored securely by us. Your forms will be encrypted, and your contact information will also be stored in our Contacts.

Where we have been given permission from clients, we may share pictures or videos taken in class or media we are tagged in, on social media for advertising purposes and to promote client progress.

The only personal information that is shared with our service providers is your name, email address and telephone number which is needed in order to book on and pay for our services.

3. Data Disclosed To Our Service Providers

We will disclose your personal data to our service providers, including Glofox, which supplies our cloud business management platform and booking apps. Glofox is also subject to certain obligations with regard to the security of your personal data processed via the booking app.

However, your rights, as set out in this privacy statement in relation to your personal data processed through the Glofox Platform are owed to you by us, and you should contact us at if you have any queries in relation to the use of your personal data through Glofox.

As part of payment processing, we disclose your email address to our other service provider, Stripe, who process payment transactions. Financial information such a card details are not held or stored by Pole Place Limited or Pole Place Horsham Limited. Information on Stripe’s Privacy Policy can be found here:

4. Changes to Personal Data & Marketing

We may send you important administrative messages from time to time via email or text message that are required to provide you with our services.

If you would like to update your personal data that you have previously disclosed to us, please fill out a new form via our website under the T&C's page.

All clients have the right to be forgotten and to request for all the above mentioned data to be removed from our records. If requested to do so, we will remove any data held as soon as possible.

5. Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us at or on 07423 062553.

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