Level 1

Level 1 will take you through basic transitional moves, spins and tricks to introduce you to the basics of Pole Fitness. Classes will include a short routine which you will learn, practise and perfect each week throughout Level 1 to show off all those moves you have been learning. These classes will involve basic conditioning exercises to introduce your body to building on its strength and endurance. This level will also really help in boosting your confidence as you can really let your hair down and have some fun!

Level 2

Level 2 will take you through more difficult transitional moves, spins and tricks than Level 1. This level will also introduce you to basic inverted moves, where you will go upside down for the first time! Classes will include another short routine to practise and perfect and it will include moves from both Level 1 & 2. Level 2 will also involve more challenging conditioning exercises for you to perform to prepare your body for more inverted moves and to help build your strength and endurance ready for Level 3.

Level 3

Level 3 is the start of the intermediate level in Pole Fitness. You will learn many inverted moves in Level 3, which can be challenging - we will however take you through more difficult conditioning exercises to assist your strength to achieve these tricks. This level will also include more challenging spins for you to perform and you will also begin to learn how to link your new intermediate tricks together along with the basics you were taught from Level 1 & 2.

Level 4

Level 4 involves lots of inverted moves as well as tricks that require a great amount of strength, which you would have built up over Level 1, 2 & 3. You will perform more demanding combinations of tricks and spins which will build on your strength and endurance even more than in the previous levels. You will also begin to do more flexibility training in this level to help you achieve those tougher moves that require greater flexibility. Harder and extreme conditioning exercises that you carry out in this level will greatly help to prepare you for Level 5.

Level 5

At Level 5, you will be at an advanced level in Pole Fitness. You will be learning extremely challenging moves that will require you to use an enormous amount of upper body and core strength. You will create and perform extreme combinations of tricks and spins to help with your choreography skills and in discovering your very own style of Pole and dance. You will carry out tougher conditioning exercises in Level 5 that will help you perform Pole Fitness for longer and feel more powerful than ever before. Extreme stretching will be carried out in this level to ensure you achieve those tricks that require more flexibility than in previous levels.

Level 6

You will be at a Professional level in Pole Fitness once you reach Level 6. You will be learning moves created by the Professional Pole Fitness Champions from all over the world, which they would have used in their own routines to win their titles. You will be at an extremely outstanding level of fitness, with fantastic strength and endurance which will have toned your body throughout. You will be performing combinations of tricks you would have thought were impossible to achieve back when you first started Pole Fitness.

Photography by Andy Wilson