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We offer classes from beginner level through to intermediate, advanced and professional levels and you can choose from a range of classes to suit your individual needs. All classes are 60 minutes, with the exception of Workshops which are 90 minutes.


Our 6-week intro beginner courses are designed specifically for beginners. We will take you through basic transitional moves, spins and tricks to introduce you to the basics of pole. Classes will include a short routine which you will practise and build on each week and you will get a chance to perform it in the last class of the course. Once you have completed this course, you will receive a certificate to congratulate you on your achievement. This course is also a great way to meet new friends and to have some fun!


Courses will have a maximum number of 8 people.

(Please ensure you are able to commit to the same day and time each week before you sign up to this course)


Once you have completed your first beginner course, you will then move up through our fundamentals syllabus within your class. Everyone will be working on the same moves within the same levels of ability.


Payments for classes will be on a pay per class weekly basis or you choose to sign up to one of our memberships or credit packs.


This class is designed to teach you how to practise to improve your flexibility in a safe and effective way. We will take you through a series of stretches and exercises that will improve your passive and active flexibility.

We will alternate between split training and stretching for the back and shoulders. You will learn different ways and techniques to develop stronger splits, cleaner inverts and amazing backbends!


This class is great for anyone who is looking to improve their flexibility and range of movement on and off the pole.


In this class we will work through a series of different types of conditioning exercises on and off the pole to increase your strength, stamina, endurance and core strength.

We will get all the muscle groups working hard to improve your overall strength and fitness. We will steadily push your limits!
This is a great addition with helping you to improve your skills at your regular pole classes.


This class will focus on spinning pole helping you to learn how to control your spin with lots of tips and technique. Focusing on conditioning, spins, tricks and combos, you'll be feeling more confident on spinning pole in no time at all.

This is great for anyone who wants to improve their confidence and technique on spinning pole and learn some new ways in and out of tricks and linking new combos.


This class is all about stripping down your favourite tricks. We will explore different variations to create new shapes as well as working on getting the perfect entrances and exits through captivating and intricate combos which can be performed at the end of the class.


Bring your heels if you wish, or go barefoot. Whatever tickles your fancy…


Tricks & Combos Flow is a fun combos and flow class for those seeking to link tricks together, explore transitions in and out of moves and combine them into a fluid chain of movement. Learn how to flow gracefully and dynamically through static combos and on spin pole.

This class will explore how to hold beautiful shapes and variations through a mini flow/ combos routine, all while building your strength, technique, endurance and style. Polish your transitional moves to a new song every week, build confidence, unleash your emotions and get lost in the music.


Hypnotic Flow is all about exploring and embracing your body’s movements and sensuality in any way you see fit. There are no standards, judgments or expectations - it’s just about feeling good in your own skin. It's important that you feel comfortable to express yourself in this class so that you are able to develop your own unique style of dance.


In this class, we will lead you through a hypnotic flow choreography that will improve your movement, fluidity and confidence.


This class is all about its name! Pixie Trix is a cute shapes class for those wanting to explore some new shapes, pixie-like tricks and fun transitions to link them all together. We will learn how to perform them on both static and spin pole, and there will always be progressions for each trick and transition so you can continue exploring your new cute shapes forever!


The Handstand & Balance class will focus on helping you to learn how to get a perfect handstand by learning balance and core technique. You will also learn how to use assistance from the pole, as well as advanced handstand movements.

We offer a wide variety of workshops in targeted disciplines so you can fine tune any moves, tricks and areas you wish to work on and perfect. Some workshops are one off workshops and some are part of a longer 4-week course which include lots of progressions for your further training. All workshops are 90 minutes.


This workshop is all about seduction, alluring movements, and performing them with a new confidence you never knew you had.


Transitioning spins, linking, floor work and dance using seductive and sultry techniques make up our Seductive Pole Workshop. We will work on how to get the perfect technique from move to move through power combinations within a dynamic and enticing routine which will leave your audience craving more…

This is a pole based workshop. Both heels and barefoot are welcome.


During this workshop, we will learn a mini routine to give you lots of choreography ideas for any routines you may want to put together. We will focus on lots of transitional moves, spins, floor work and dance. This class is lots of fun and will help you to learn how to dance and flow around the pole!

This is a pole based workshop. Both socks and barefoot are welcome.


Hypnotic moves, magical tricks - a sensual lap dance. An all in one chair choreo that will leave your audience completely mind-blown…

Chairs will be provided. Wear leggings and anything you feel comfortable in. Heels would be a great addition but are not mandatory.

"AYESHAS 101" - 4 WEEK COURSE (£104)

During this course, we will focus on a range of different Ayesha grips including Forearm, Elbow, True and Cupped Grip to practise and perfect your Reverse Climb, Ayesha and Straight Edge. We will completely break down the movement by taking you through the basics of proper alignment and engagement, a variety of conditioning drills, and fine tune your technique so you can perform the perfect Ayesha every time in whichever grip and variation you wish!


We will also cover smooth entrances and exits into and out of your Ayeshas and how to add these into combos and routines so you can perform them with confidence. Finishing the course with a review of all grips covered over the duration of the course, we will look at progressions for your future training and take a look your awesome results!


This is a 4-week course running on the same day and time each week. All workshops are 90 minutes.


Have you always wanted to Handspring? To have the confidence to just walk up to a pole and flip upside down using just your hands? If so, this course of workshops is for you! Come and learn the art of Handsprings with us where we will teach you, from the very beginning, how to get the perfect Handspring every time.


During this course, we will work on breaking down every step of the movement by taking you through the fundamentals of proper shoulder engagement and alignment, along with a range of technical conditioning exercises to prep you for your Handspring journey.


We will begin by focusing on the Queen B grip - True Grip, followed by Cupped Grip, Twisted Grip, and finishing up with a review of all grips covered over the duration of the course, and begin to look at progressions and more advanced variations for your future training.

This is a 4-week course running on the same day and time each week. All workshops are 90 minutes.


The perfect course to show you how to Shouldermount confidently. Take your Shouldmounts to the next level by performing aerial ones, fancy walk downs, flipping through some shoulder rolls, plus plenty more!


During this course, we will work on all the Shouldermount grips including Cupped, Front, Half Cupped and Twisted Grip, along with a variety of Shouldermount tricks, shapes and flips to start you off on your ongoing Shouldermount journey.


Make Shouldermounts a staple and strong part of your pole repertoire and progress them further than you could have ever imagined…

This is a 4-week course running on the same day and time each week. All workshops are 90 minutes.

Private lessons are great if you'd like to learn pole at your own pace, on your own, or with a friend or two.

PRIVATE 1-2-1 LESSON (£48)

Private lesson for 1 person.


Private lesson for 2 people.


Private lesson for 3 people.


Private lesson for 4 people.

Practise sessions are available to everyone, even if you do not take classes with us. Please note that practise sessions are unsupervised and untutored and are solely for the purpose of self practise.


Bookings are 1 person per pole and you should have your own insurance if you wish to practise in any of our studios to ensure you are covered in all cases.


Multiple hour bookings are permitted.

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