We offer classes from beginner level through to intermediate, advanced and professional levels and you can choose from a range of classes to suit your individual needs. All classes are one-hour duration.

For a breakdown of our levels of progression, please see our Gallery page for images and information.

Group Classes

Beginner Course£90 per person
This 6-week course is designed specifically for beginners. We will take you through basic transitional moves, spins and tricks to introduce you to the basics of Pole Fitness. Classes will include a short routine which you will practise and build on each week and you will get a chance to perform it in the last class of the course. Once you have completed this course, you will receive a certificate to congratulate you on your achievement! This course is also great to meet new friends and to have some fun! The course will have no more than 8 people signed on.
(Please ensure you are able to commit to the same day and time each week before you sign up to this course)

Pay Weekly

Group Class£15 per person
Once you have completed your first beginner course, payments for classes will be on a weekly basis.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are great if you want to learn Pole Fitness at your own pace, on your own or with a friend or two.

4-2-1£16 per person
Private lesson for 4 people
3-2-1£20 per person
Private lesson for 3 people
2-2-1£25 per person
Private lesson for 2 people
1-2-1£40 per session
Private lesson for 1 person

Taster Classes

Taster classes are a great way for you to try Pole Fitness out to see if it’s for you before you commit to a course or private lessons.

Group Taster£8 per person
Taster class for between 5-8 people
Private 4-2-1 Taster£10 per person
Private taster session for 4 people
Private 3-2-1 Taster£12 per person
Private taster session for 3 people
Private 2-2-1 Taster£15 per person
Private taster session for 2 people
Private 1-2-1 Taster£25 per session
Private taster session for 1 person

Other Fitness Classes

POLE CIRCUITS£12 per person
(£9 with Memberships)

This class will be fast paced, calorie burning, fun and hard work! There will be various conditioning exercises to complete on and off the pole which will get those key muscles, you use for pole, working super hard for that extra muscle boost! (You should have completed our Level 1 course prior to signing up to this class)
STRETCH & FLEX£10 per person
(£7.50 with Memberships)

This class is designed to teach you how to practise to improve your flexibility in a safe and effective way. Each week we will alternate between focusing on the back and shoulders, and the legs. (You do not need Pole Fitness experience to attend this class)
CHOREO£12 per person
(£9 with Memberships)

During this class, we will learn a new mini routine to give you lots of choreography ideas for any routines you may want to put together. We will focus on lots of transitional moves, spins, floor work and dance, and each week we will focus on a different style of dance. This class will be lots of fun and will help you to learn how to dance and flow around the pole!

This class can also be booked as a private lesson at the above private lesson rates. Booking this way can be great for individuals or groups of friends wishing to choreograph a routine for a competition, or even just to learn different styles of how to choreograph routines for personal development. (You should have completed our Level 1 course prior to signing up to this class)
PRACTISE SESSIONS£5 per person per hour

Practise sessions are available to everyone, even if you you do not take classes with us, whenever the studio is open, provided there is a pole available for you to use. You should book your practise session in with us before you come to ensure there are no classes/events going on at the studio. Please note that practise sessions are unsupervised and untutored. Please note: you should have your own insurance if you wish to practise in any of our studios to ensure you are covered in all cases. (If you are not a Pole Place client, we will need to check that you are at a suitable level prior to booking your practise session)


We understand how challenging it can be as a student to be able to afford gym memberships and fitness hobbies, so we offer 10% for anyone who is a student. Simply show us your college or university card and start receiving the benefits right away!


If you are interested in booking a class or practise session in with us – please Contact Us directly to book your space. Payments for all bookings should be made by bank transfer in advance to your booking to secure your place and time slot. Cash may be acceptable if bank transfer is not possible.