Quick and easy to set up, the X-STAGE is a robust, portable pole dancing podium that can be easily transported and assembled. The X-STAGE is suitable for dancers of all levels and abilities and is the most advanced pole dancing podium ever produced. The X-STAGE meets the universal demands of dancers, gyms and clubs. The X-STAGE can function as both a static and spinning pole and features a large 1.6m (5\'3\") diameter circular dance platform area with no corners or sharp edges and a 3m high dance pole.

The X-STAGE and X-STAGE LITE are portable pole dancing podiums that can be assembled in just a few minutes, giving you the flexibility to take the stage wherever it suits you best.

The X-STAGE stands alone and does not need to be secured to a ceiling – thanks to a robust design that is strong enough to handle the most demanding of moves.

Once you have finished, disassembly is surprisingly easy – the contents fit neatly into a portable wheeled carry case system which comes free with every X-STAGE. With its functionality, portability and stability, the X-STAGE is a world leader in its clas


Key Features
  • 1600mm (5\'3\") circular stage floor – creating an optimum overall dance area.
  • Rounded stage edges – nothing sharp to hurt the dancer during moves or floor work.
  • Fully foldable – main frame fits into a handy case with wheels.
  • Easy stage floor assembly – 6 easy to fit floor panels lock into place effortlessly with no tools needed.
  • Pole tube – 2 pieces screw together for easy transportation.
  • Stability – extremely stable, almost any move can be done without the need for extra weight.
  • Extension stabilisers – increase stability without the need for additional weight.
  • Weight posts – allowing for optional bar bell weights to be attached.
  • Adjustable feet – to reduce movement on uneven floors.
  • Silicone base pads – to stop the stage from sliding and preventing the floor from damage.
  • Wheeled carry case – no need to carry the X STAGE just wheel it where you want to go!
  • Carry cases – for stage frame, floor panels and pole.
  • SPINNING and STATIC - You decide!
XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/1 - BrassXStage.jpg
XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/10 - 5Plate.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/11 - FullPlate.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/12 - Plate.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/13 - StagePole.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/14 - XStageSet.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/15 - StageFrame.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/16 - PoleBag.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/17 - PlateBag.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/18 - XStageCase.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/19 - XStageCases.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/2 - Brass X-Stage Lite-2.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/4 - BrassXStage2.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/5 - 0Frame.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/6 - 1Plate.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/7 - 2Plate.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/8 - 3Plate.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - BRASS/9 - 4Plate.jpg