With a lower profile podium area and reduced weight, the X-POLE X-STAGE Lite is even more portable, but just as stable as the X-STAGE.

The X-STAGE Lite can be set up anywhere with a 3.2m height clearance with no permanent fixings required (shorter extensions available if you don’t have the minimum clearance). It also features spinning & static modes as standard.

Putting your stage up and taking it down is super quick and easy, leaving you more time to enjoy your pole. The X-STAGE Lite is supplied with bespoke carry cases for every element of your stage, making it simple to transport.


Key Features
  • 20kgs lighter than the X-STAGE

    - X-STAGE – 105kgs
    - X-STAGE Lite – 85kgs
  • Minimum usage height of 3.2m

    - 2.89m of usable pole
    - Shorter extensions available on request for lower ceiling heights
  • 1.6m podium diameter
  • 110mm podium height
  • Available in Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, Silicone (45mm only Black & Pink) and Powder Coat (Black, Pink & White) finishes and 40mm & 45mm diameters
  • Spinning & static as standard
  • Easy to install and user friendly
  • Full instruction manuals/instructional videos available
  • Bespoke carry cases come as standard
  • Totally portable pole dance stage for complete freedom to pole anywhere
  • Weight trays available to add extra weights to the stage base for even more stability
XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/X-STAGE-Lite-With-Logo.jpg
XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/0Frame-600x600.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/1Plate.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/2Plate.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/3Plate-600x600.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/4Plate.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/5Plate.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/FullPlate.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/HalfSet.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/Natalya-X-STAGE.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/StageFrame.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/X-STAGE-Lite-With-Logo.jpg XP_xstage/X-STAGE LITE - CHROME/XStage.jpg