This International standard pole features the latest in pole technology developed exclusively by X-POLE. Used by the world's leading dancers and those with aspirations to get to the top, the XPERT™ is the 'Ultimate' dance pole.

Designed with professional dancers and pole tricks in mind the XPERT incorporates all the features required to meet the demands of any dancer.

Bottom loading means that a ladder is not needed for installation, the XPERT uses an exclusive adjuster system to expand and fully lock the pole in position (which means there is no locking nut to come undone with reverse moves) whilst the dancer stays firmly on the ground.

The XPERT incorporates a special adjuster cover which creates a totally smooth pole from top to bottom. No cover edge to hit or lumpy protrusion, just smooth pole all the way. It even features a Micro-Articulating Base for uneven floors.

The XPERT was the world's first 'bottom' loading dance pole, incorporating: a large metal upper dome (we do not use plastic, which cannot take the strain of professional dancing); a smaller base plate for minimum contact; and a special non-invasive adjuster cover, which creates a smooth feel pole from top to bottom with no edges for dancers to catch themselves on. The X-POLE XPERT™ is the ONLY pole that has no protrusions from top to base.

All X-POLE products are supplied out of the box to fit ceiling heights from 2235mm (7' 4") to 2745mm (9') and are offered in several diameters and surface finishes to suit all types of hand and grip requirements.


The permanent powder coat finish on this pole provides superior grip, in comparison to standard metal finishes, giving pole fitness athletes the ability to practise power moves and tricks. This makes them an ideal choice for beginners who struggle on standard metal finishes, as well as overcoming the problem of sweaty hands. In addition, the powder coated finish is suitable for anyone suffering from nickel allergies (the Chrome & Titanium Gold poles are not suitable for those with allergies to nickel).
Key Features
  • Bottom Loading - no ladders required.
  • Revolutionary NEW X-Joint system - easy to use, quick to install.
  • Smooth Pole from Top to Bottom - no transition between tubes or bearing. protrusion to hit.
  • STATIC and SPINNING options.
  • Micro Articulating Base - easy to set up on uneven floors.
  • Double Width Support Dome - for maximum stability.
  • Extendable from 2235mm (7\' 4\") to 2745 (9\') from the box.
  • Includes Carry Cases - 2 pcs.
  • New X-Joint with locking Key - this is a big improvement over the previous pin system and makes the X-Joints even more rigid. You can feel the difference.
  • New improved X-Joint locking action to ensure joints are really tight.
  • New larger Hex Key with rubber cover to make tightening easier.
  • Fixed adjuster cover – no need to remove the cover any more to adjust or lock the adjuster.
  • Special adjuster alignment system - to stop adjuster damage.
  • New marking system to stop over adjustment and simplify installation.
  • Increased screw sizes throughout – no more rounding off of critical screws.
  • Improved static and spinning lock with larger flattened screw ends.
  • New improved polishing - higher grip on all poles.
  • New strengthened Carry Cases featuring pockets for the pole tubes and not Velcro.
  • New instructions with more drawings – makes installation clearer.
  • New environmental boxing and inner tray - all paper with no foam!
XP_xpert/XPERT POWDER COATED PINK/2 - XJoint.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT POWDER COATED PINK/3 - Dome.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT POWDER COATED PINK/4 - microbase.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT POWDER COATED PINK/5 - TopInsert.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT POWDER COATED PINK/6 - XPertToolCase.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT POWDER COATED PINK/7 - XPertCase.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT POWDER COATED PINK/8 -XPertCarryCase.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT POWDER COATED PINK/9 - XPERTContent.jpg