The most popular fitness and dance pole in the world, the original spinning & static XPERT pole from X-POLE.

The XPERT is ideal for the home poler who wants the best of both worlds with static and spinning as standard.

Easily installed and so simple to use, the XPERT is available in Chrome, Brass, Titanium Gold & Powder Coat (Black & Pink), and in both 40mm & 45mm pole diameters.

The XPERT has both spinning and static modes to cater to every polers needs.


Key Features
  • Pressure mounted pole that fits heights between 2235mm (7’ 4”) to 2745mm (9’)
    - Optional extensions for ceiling heights above 2745mm (9’) up to 3370mm (11’)
  • Available in Chrome, Brass, Titanium Gold and Powder Coat (Black & Pink) finishes and 40mm & 45mm diameters
  • Easy to install and user friendly
  • Safe, sturdy and full instruction manuals/instructional videos available
    - Can be installed with a permanent mount (Ball Mount or Pole Home Mount)
  • Spinning and static modes for the best of both worlds
  • Disassembles quickly for easy storage and transport (Carry case included)
  • No screws, bolts or drilling needed to set up the XPERT pole
XP_xpert/XPERT BRASS/XPERTBrassSet.jpg
XP_xpert/XPERT BRASS/A-B-Pole.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT BRASS/Dome.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT BRASS/DomeBase.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT BRASS/Joe-Xpert-chrome-pole-set-1.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT BRASS/XJoint2-600x600.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT BRASS/Xpert-microbase-600x600.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT BRASS/XPERTBrassSet.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT BRASS/XPertCarryCase.jpg XP_xpert/XPERT BRASS/XPertCase.jpg