The latest range of pole extensions to be used with the X-Joint technology pole sets. These extensions are used with all the X-POLE sets featuring X-Joint tube assembly system - the SPORT, XPERT and the X-Stages (which also use X-Joints).

Important Note: X-Joints are not supplied with the extensions. Some extensions will require an X-Joint unit to be purchased in addition. However, as every X-POLE set is supplied with 3 pieces of X-Joints, additional joints may not be needed. Please check what joints are required to match the extensions being used.

Installed only at the top of the pole, in descending size order, the extensions are connected using X-Joints. X-POLE extensions come in varying sizes to allow expansion of the X-POLE up to 3370mm (132", 11ft). Installed at the top of the pole they connect together for maximum strength, stability and smoothness. Sizing - most important points to remember when choosing an extension is to select the correct size to minimise the adjuster length and always use one longer extension as opposed to two. Always check your ceiling measurement before ordering extensions.


£11.50 (100mm)
£11.75 (125mm)
£12.00 (150mm)
£12.25 (175mm)
£12.50 (200mm)
£13.00 (250mm)
£13.50 (300mm)
£15.50 (400mm)
£17.50 (500mm)
£20.95 (750mm)
£24.50 (1000mm)
100 and 125mm Extensions are used with a 180mm X-Joints only.

IMPORTANT: For 40mm poles above 3050mm (120\" 10ft) please contact us for advice.
100mm (4") Extension used to expand the overall length of an X-POLE. The 100mm extension can only be used with SPORT Poles and not with XPERT. This extension can also only be used with the X-Joint.
XP_ext_joint/POWDER COATED PINK/pole-finishing.jpg
XP_ext_joint/POWDER COATED PINK/pole-finishing.jpg