Here are a few of our clients sharing their stories about their experiences and pole journeys with us… These ladies have all been involved in our annual student photoshoot with the talented 'The Image Cella' and their ability level during these photoshoots range from Level 2 upwards - we think you'll agree that they all look utterly fabulous!

Dai-An - 49

I started my pole fitness journey in 2016 at Pole Place Glasgow. Having just turned 46 I was looking for a new challenge, one that would develop my physical fitness, take me out of my comfort zone and improve my body confidence. After enrolling on the beginners course, I was hooked! I have been fortunate enough to take private lessons with Ruby ever since. She is an amazing instructor, her enthusiastic and encouraging approach to teaching, her attention to detail and safety, and a varied and but structured class content, have all contributed to my success on the pole. I am currently working towards completing my ‘level 5’ and have recently been exploring 'Choreo' too. The contemporary studio is a great space to practice and the other students are friendly and supportive. I have also enjoyed participating in the annual ‘photoshoot’ with the talented photographer Simon Hooley of The Image Cella, and attending workshops and showcases. Pole fitness has exceeded all my expectations. I cannot praise Ruby and Pole Place Glasgow highly enough, except to say that I travel a 60 mile round trip every week for my ‘pole fix’!

Abi - 23

I started coming to Pole Place in 2017 after being given a flyer by a friend at Uni during freshers week. I did not hesitate to get in contact with Ruby and arrange my first taster session and have not looked back since. At first, I was a bit apprehensive as I had no dance experience or fitness background. However, I was looking for a fun way to keep fit and Ruby reassured me that I did not need any previous experience. What I got out of Pole Place was way more than fitness. I found a supportive environment where I could continue to improve in strength and confidence. Each week I began to get stronger and when you finally nail a nemesis spin or trick the feeling of achievement is amazing. Alongside this you become kinder to yourself and your body. Slowly your body begins to change and you become stronger and notice how much you can do. Additionally, Pole Place offers flexibility classes, which not only help your flexibility but helps prevent injuries as you work at your own pace whilst being supported by the other students. I have since moved back home and moved studios and can say that Pole Place is a special place and it is always so nice when I can come through for a visit. Ruby runs her classes so that everyone begins together and learns the curriculum at the same time. However, she also offers private lessons which were perfect for me as I could not commit to a class at the same time every week. More so, private lessons allowed me to develop my strength in my own time and I got so much support from Ruby. If you are considering starting pole, I urge you to give it a go and consider Pole Place as it really does become a family.

Gosia - 39

I have been learning Pole Fitness just for a year now. I started with a taster session to see if I liked it and I really did love it! At the moment I'm on Level 3.
Pole fitness for me is by far the most fun and exciting thing I decided to take on.
I absolutely love coming to the Pole Place. I have to say this is more than just a pole studio. Ruby is a brilliant instructor and all the other pole people are very friendly. We are always having fun while learning new moves and skills.
I attend the weekly Pole Classes, Choreo and Stretch & Flex and I would definitely recommend Pole Place to others.
Ruby is wonderful, always challenging us and encouraging us to progress better, such a great teacher and a good friend.

Sian - 24

I’ve been doing Pole now for almost a year now, with the mindset of getting fitter. I ended up getting so much more out of it though, I found a great community full of supportive and friendly people. I found myself by deciding to join Pole - I was always really judgmental of myself and not very confident in myself or my body but since joining Pole Place I’ve become more confident in myself.

Pole Place is such an amazing place and I have so much fun doing Pole Fitness. Ruby is an amazing instructor and a huge inspiration to me. I look forward to improving myself each and every week.

Eben - 35

Starting pole at the age of 30 is one of the best decisions I have ever made, I only wish I had done it sooner. I have been at Pole Place from the beginning, and there is no where I would have rather learnt. I love the structure of the lessons and syllabus at Pole Place, it really fits me to a tee. I have made amazing 'friends for life' over the last 5 years and for that I will always be grateful. It's such a supportive, friendly, encouraging and positive atmosphere at Pole Place and I'm so proud to be a part of the family. I always look forward to my class, even when I'm having a bad day or if I'm just 'not feeling up to it', the girls always pick me up, and we are always encouraging each other. The instructors here are amazing too, Kirsty and Sandy. Kirsty has taught me for a while now, and she makes everything look so easy, but also breaks things down which helps everyone. Always listening and supporting but also challenging - Kirsty really knows how to get the best out of us!!!! We all learn different things at different rates, have different strengths and weaknesses but Kirsty encompasses all of that in her stride and makes teaching look easy.
After 3 years of consistently going to pole every week, it ended up being intermittent for the 4th year for personal reasons, but the support in building me back up from the girls has been amazing. My confidence in all areas of my life has increased dramatically in the last 5 years, and it is no coincidence that it has happened since starting pole. I can't wait to learn more moves in the coming years, my pole journey has been a beautiful one, and I can't stop loving it. So thank you Ruby, for starting this amazing company up, and being there from the beginning!!! All instructors have been and continue to be inspirations to me as well as all students at Pole Place.

Naomi - 36

I first started pole about a year after having my son. I've always been a slim build and never been one for the gym, but couldn't quite get back into my favourite jeans until I found pole. Pole Place is the third pole studio I've been to I've been going for a year and a half and I've made more progress at Pole Place than at any other studio. What I like about Pole Place is you each get your own pole in the classes (some studios are 3 or 4 to a pole). They do levels so you are with people who are the same ability as you. All the pole instructors are lovely, professional and great at what they do. They encourage you and believe in you even if you don't believe in yourself. In classes everyone has the same amount of time with the instructor so it is fair. Another thing I like about Pole Place is the additional classes, Stretch & Flex, Handstand & Balance and Choreo classes. You can also come and practise for ?5, or free if you have a membership. It's great value for money. There are a great bunch of girls in my class and we all support each other. Since doing pole I have more body confidence, my lower back pain has gone as my core is now strong and I really enjoy the new challenges I face in every class.