Here are a few of our clients sharing their stories about their experiences and pole journeys with us…

Eben - 31

I've been doing Pole now for 8 months with a vision of getting fitter, however what I've got out of it is so much more than I could imagine. My body is changing, yes, slowly but it's changing. My confidence is growing, and not just in Pole but in everyday life. And I've made some wonderful friends!!! Pole Place is such an amazing company... Somewhere comfortable and friendly that I soon forgot about my insecurities as we all share similar ones. It's the perfect place to get fit and feel comfortable doing it whilst having fun!! Ruby is a fantastic instructor, such an inspiration, I look forward to improving my pole skills each and every week!!

Catherine - 28

I've been doing Pole Fitness for just over 6 months at Pole Place. As someone who has a very inactive job I've never been very strong, but since starting pole I actually have strength and visible muscle in my arms which is amazing and this has just happened from performing the required moves for each level. Pole Place has given me tons of confidence in myself and my body, allowing me to achieve things I never thought I could have, plus it's a super friendly place. Ruby is lovely and everyone you train with will have the same goal as you so it’s a great atmosphere for learning.

Rachel - 32

I’ve been going to Pole Place since March. I went along to a taster session with a friend of mine and enjoyed myself so much I decided to book onto the beginner course. I didn’t know anyone and was pretty scared, so I made a point of emailing to say I was a little nervous!! But when I got there Ruby was so nice and friendly and made me feel very welcome. Since joining, I’ve made friends and gained so much confidence!! Not to mention the fact I have been able to do things that I never thought possible on the pole!!! I would say I’m a slow learner, but Ruby and Tilly have both showed a great deal of patience and its an amazing feeling when you finally nail a new move!! I’ve also dropped two stone since starting and gained a lot of upper body strength. I don’t think I can really put into words how much I have got out of this class, all because I decided to brave it one day!

Tanya - 34

I started pole fitness with Ruby around 2 years after the birth of my daughter, I had joined the gym but really didn't enjoy going. I have always had an interest in dance and liked the idea of trying something new so plucked up the courage to try my first pole lesson. I was nervous and lacked a lot of confidence after having my daughter- I definitely wasn't the size 10 I used to be! But I went for it and loved it. I stopped after 2 years to have my baby boy but picked it straight up again after. I like the fact that you progress towards different levels rather than just the same thing all the time! All the girls I have met along the way including the instructors Ruby and Tilly have been so lovely and supportive, I haven't once felt like I have been judged. Pole fitness has given me more confidence, I'm slowly losing my baby weight and I am toning up and building muscle. I would definitely recommend pole fitness to anyone or if you have thought about it but you haven't quite plucked up the courage to give it a go - Do it! :)

Natalie - 37

I went along to a pole taster session with my sister (more to keep her company). I had never thought about trying pole fitness. I must admit I was a bit nervous as I thought everyone would look at me and all be super fit (which I am not.) What if I couldn't do it? When I arrived I met Ruby who put me at ease. The group was really friendly and fun. I thought the taster session would just be Ruby showing us a few things but oh no we did a routine. I must admit I thought I would do the taster and that would be it but oh no I was hooked. I signed up to do the level 1 pole fitness and started. I must admit I got quite a few bruises but they became a talking point and I was amazed how many other people had tried it or were doing it. With the encouragement of Ruby and my group I passed. Yes, me the girl that thought she could never do it. I must admit I am not that graceful on landings and I do get myself in a muddle but I have found something I enjoy and also muscles I did not know I had. Ruby said it would get easier and it's true. And yes I have started my level 2 and I can't quite believe how far I have come. So if you have ever thought about it or want to have a go but feel you would be out of place or not fit in - just give it a go and you will be surprised.

Leisa - 43

My name is Leisa, I am 43 and I joined Pole Place in May 2015. My best friend encouraged me to join her in a taster session and I can honestly say I have not looked back since. After the taster class, I joined up for a 6 weeks beginner course. It was incredibly challenging but with gentle coaching and encouragement from the Pole Place team the moves are definitely attainable. I have always had strong legs however my arms were noticeably weak, as I have moved through the different levels my strength has grown, I can now hold my own body weight upside-down with one hand on a pole while holding a conversation! Pole is addictive and empowering, I am always keen to go and I never miss a session and I am currently contemplating upping my sessions to two days per week. Out of all the exercise classes I have attended over the years, this has changed by body shape noticeably the most. I cannot recommend it enough.

Amy - 20

I joined Pole Place in January 2015 after leaving from another pole school. Since then I have made lots of new friends. Ruby's classes are great because everyone else is at the same level as you so you're all working towards the same goal! I've become a lot more confident in my abilities and look forward to finally finishing level 3!