Please note: the information on this page is general advice.

Injuries & Personal Health

Make your instructor aware of any injuries/personal health issues you may have prior to any sessions you undertake with us. You should however consult your doctor concerning any health issues prior to attending any of our classes.

Food & Drink


Please be aware that you should NOT use any oils or lotions on your skin on the day of your class as this will cause you to slip off the pole.

Bruises & Burns

Everyone may experience some kind of bruise or burn during Pole Fitness classes as it involves a lot of skin contact with the pole. You can try to prevent them by wearing wrist bands and by wearing a hoodie or jumper that can be put on and taken off when needed.


We always ensure our poles are thoroughly cleaned after each session and we would really appreciate your help with maintaining this level of cleanliness by asking that you clean the poles you have used after each class or practise session you attend. This is a consideration to other clients and instructors at Pole Place.