Pole Place was founded in 2014 by Principal and Head Instructor, Ruby Rose Jackson. Ruby fell in love with teaching in 2011 and always dreamed that one day, she could open her own school. After having to take a short break from teaching due to an injury, Ruby began to fly as Cabin Crew. Ruby made the most of her time away and worked hard, planning, designing and creating her dream – Pole Place. Ruby was eventually able to leave her full time job to pursue all that she had planned and wished for and finally opened Pole Place.

Pole Place first opened in Ruby’s hometown, Horsham, West Sussex, with only a few clients. In 2016, Pole Place opened a second studio in the heart of Glasgow City Centre. Pole Place has grown to teach over 650 clients with over 80 clients attending on a regular, weekly basis across both studios. Pole Place now has 4 instructors, all being Ruby’s former students, Kirsty Saunders & Sandy Whitby in the Horsham studio and Tanya May in the Glasgow studio. These women are an absolute credit to the school, with their excellent class plans and outstanding teaching skills, Ruby is very proud to have them all on the instructors team.


We offer an alternative fitness for those who would like to try something new, exciting and different. Pole Fitness is a fun and enjoyable way of exercising, building fitness and toning up. We teach anyone above the age of 16, regardless of your shape, size or fitness level. We teach Pole Dance Fitness from beginner level through to intermediate, advanced and elite level. We offer other services too, including Pole Parties and Pole Dance Performances. We also offer a range of Pole Place Merchandise that can be bought through the school, for everyday wear or for pole wear to class. Furthermore, we are an authorised reseller of X-POLE poles and we offer the whole range!


We are passionate about what we do. We love to help people like you learn a jaw dropping skill you would probably never really ever think you could learn. We are excited to help you show your friends an amazing new thing you just mastered – where you will jump on every lamp post, road sign and tree in the street to show them what you can do. We can’t wait to help you feel awesome, watch your body tone and feel your confidence boost as you become a dedicated poler.

Small classes

We keep our classes small so you can get lots of personal attention with our instructors during class. PDC says no more than 3 people to a pole. We never have more than 2 people to a pole and most of the time, we only have 1 person to a pole!

Structured syllabus for both static and spinning pole

Our Pole Place syllabus is designed to teach anyone from beginner level through to professional and elite levels. Our structured syllabus focuses on both static and spinning pole and contains lots of trick preparation and level specific routines and sequences. From this, we ensure steady progression to make sure our clients are ready to approach those harder tricks within the higher levels with tons of confidence, whilst gaining a wide vocabulary on both static and spinning pole.

Friendly, fully qualified, insured and first aid certified instructors

All of our instructors are trained and qualified to the highest quality and level, they are fully insured and hold up to date first aid qualifications, in case you may ever need them in class. Our instructors continue to train themselves to the highest level in the pole industry to ensure on going learning, maintaining personal practise and keeping up to date knowledge and standards.

Looking after you

We are extremely passionate about looking after each and every one of our clients. We love to welcome new clients and we treat everyone as an individual. You, your personal goals, your ambitions and your dreams are all very important to us and we love helping you to achieve them.

You’ll have fun and feel amazing and awesome!

We promise you fun! And we know – you will feel awesome. When you start to see your body tone, when you complete a level, when you perform a routine, when you feel stronger and when you nail that move you’ve been working on for ages – you will feel awesome! We promise – we have seen it time and time again, and we’ve felt it ourselves. They are all amazing feelings and we can’t wait to share them with you!

We look forward to welcoming you all to one of our studios very soon…