Pole Fitness is essentially a series of gymnastic exercises performed on a vertical pole and is a great way to improve upper body strength, core strength, endurance, fitness, flexibility and even confidence. Pole Fitness works a number of different parts of your body which will begin to improve your fitness level and tone your muscles in just a few weeks!


Pole Fitness is a mix of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. From performing longer, less intense routines, to performing higher intensity pole moves. Anaerobic exercise vastly increases the size and quantity of powerful fast twitch muscle fibres, which also improves the power and strength of muscles. This type of exercise boosts your metabolic rate which burns calories efficiently and helps with the loss of body fat promoting weight loss. Regularly performing this type of exercise will aid in maintaining weight loss as it also helps increase the amount of calories your body is able to burn when it is at rest due to increased lean muscle mass.


Pole Fitness helps to build your strength and endurance as you are required to use your own body weight as a resistance. Through learning new pole moves each week and performing conditioning exercises, you will begin to build more lean muscle mass which will increase your strength and improve your endurance and overall fitness levels.


Pole Fitness works your core muscles in many different ways which will help you to build a strong and powerful core! Not only will this help you with your balance and stability with performing pole moves but it can also help with your posture and general day to day activities!


Pole Fitness will help you to increase your flexibility as lots of moves you learn will require many muscles to stretch to their fullest length and joints to use their full range of movement. Our gentle cool down stretches at the end of each class and during classes such as Stretch & Flex, we will teach you how to perform safe and effective stretching which will also help with your flexibility progress.


Pole Fitness requires you to perform moves that use a number of different parts of your upper and lower body simultaneously, on and off the pole. Regularly performing these moves and learning new moves will continue to challenge your balance and coordination and in time will help to improve both together.


We hear it all the time from our students, but Pole Fitness really does help improve your confidence! Having a new way to express yourself through the art of pole is so empowering and we always love watching our students go through their journey of increased confidence together. From beginning to watch your body change, to feeling stronger and fitter, to being more flexible, to feeling more than comfortable wearing a pair of shorts, to making new friends and pole sisters who lift you up and make you feel supported, loved and unstoppable, you will begin to walk around feeling more empowered and confident that you ever have, and it’s the most amazing feeling, ever! And who doesn’t want that, right?