Pole Fitness is essentially a series of gymnastic exercises performed on a vertical pole and is a great way to improve upper body strength, core strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and even confidence. Pole Fitness targets a number of different parts of your body, which will improve your fitness level and tone your muscles in just a few weeks.


Pole Fitness is mainly an anaerobic exercise which means that exercise happens in high intensity short bursts, where oxygen is used up at a faster rate than the body is able to replenish it. This type of exercise boosts your metabolic rate which burns calories more efficiently and will help in losing body fat. This will aid maintaining weight loss as regularly performing anaerobic exercise will help your body to burn calories even when your body is at rest. Performing regular anaerobic exercise can also help to build lean muscle mass, endurance and fitness levels.


Pole Fitness will help to build your strength and endurance as you are required to use your own body weight as a resistance. Through learning new pole moves each week and performing conditioning exercises, you will begin to build lean muscles which will provide you with excellent strength and improve your endurance.


Pole Fitness involves a great deal of intense exercise for your core which will help you to build strong core muscles. This will help you with your balance and stability in not only Pole Fitness, but in everyday life.


Pole Fitness will help you to increase your flexibility as lots of moves you learn will require many parts of your body to use their full range of motion. During classes such as Flex & Stretch, we will teach you how to perform safe and effective stretching which will also help with your flexibility progress.


Pole Fitness requires you to perform many moves that use a number of different parts of your body simultaneously and you will control these moves with the assistance of strength and stability. Performing conditioning exercises and pole moves will greatly help with both your balance and coordination.

Please note: eating a balanced diet including all food groups will aid in achieving the above.